Lamberts Turmeric 10000mg 60 Tablets


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Turmeric is widely used in Indian medicine and has a number of health benefits, particularly its positive effect on the joints. Its active constituents, the curcumins, have anti-inflammatory properties and can help ease the pain and stiffness of joint inflammation. Research has also shown that Turmeric has positive benefits for our digestive system. 2-3 grams of turmeric extract daily can help prevent the frequent/looser motions and flatulence-type symptoms of irritable bowel. Curcumins also have antioxident properties and help the body against free radicles. Lamberts Turmeric extract is a high potency root extract standardised to provide 95% curcumins. 60 tablets, each containing 500mg of turmeric root extract, which is equivalent to 10,000mg of turmeric spice. Take one tablet daily with a meal. If necessary, a second tablet can be taken with a subsequent meal or as directed by a practioner or pharmacist. Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

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